5.2.1 Step 1

Upon concluding an agreement for the transfer of a catalogue of releases between two record companies willing and able to make use of the provisions of this standard, the acquiring record company will collate the necessary metadata about the releases. The metadata will be of a level of quality that will enable the DSP to, ideally without human intervention, identify the releases in its systems that make up the catalogue transfer, including the following:

  1. The list of releases that are agreed to be transferred including all the Primary Resources that are featured on those releases. This metadata would not be necessary if the catalogue transfer covers all releases controlled by the relinquishing record company;

  2. The effective date of the catalogue transfer;

  3. The territories in which the catalogue is transferred; and

  4. The identity of the relinquishing record company.

This information is sent, together with a unique identifier of the catalogue, the CatalogTransferId, allocated to it by the acquiring record company in a CatalogTransferMessage to the DSP. This is depicted as step (1a) in Figure 1.

Details of the data to be provided in the CatalogTransferMessage are defined in Clause 6.2.

The DSP will then confirm the catalogue transfer details with the relinquishing record company. This can be done using the confirmation cycle defined in Clause 5.3, which may (or may not) use messages defined in this standard.