5.2.3 Step 3

If the acquiring record company has been notified by the DSP that some of the metadata sent in its first CatalogTransferMessage is insufficient for the DSP to identify that a release is part of the catalogue transfer, the acquiring record company may send an update CatalogTransferMessage.

This update CatalogTransferMessage shall have the same CatalogTransferID as the original CatalogTransferMessage and shall have the IsUpdated flag set to true for all the releases where there is updated metadata. This is depicted as step (3a) in Figure 1.

Such an update CatalogTransferMessage shall, however, also contain all the data about all the releases that were contained in the original CatalogTransferMessagethat the DSP has been able to identify. Alternatively, the acquiring record company may choose to start a completely new catalogue transfer process for the release(s) that could not be identified by the DSP.