6.3 Structure and content of the CatalogTransferConfirmation

The high-level structure of the CatalogTransferConfirmation is depicted in Figure 4 below:

Figure 4 – Structure of the CatalogTransferConfirmation

Further information is provided in the XML Schema Definition file for this standard. The message can be used in Steps 2a, 2b, 4a and 4b of the choreography defined in Clause 5.

When sending a CatalogTransferConfirmation, the DSP shall:

  1. Ensure that the same CatalogTransferId as used by the acquiring record company in the CatalogTransferMessage that the CatalogTransferConfirmation responds to, is included in the CatalogTransferConfirmation;

  2. Ensure that the entire catalogue transfer is categorised as either confirmed, rejected or pending by setting the CatalogTransferStatus tag appropriately; and

  3. Include information for all releases that have been included in CatalogTransferMessages containing the same CatalogTransferId and place the metadata for each release in either the ConfirmedReleaseList or the RejectedReleaseList or the PendingReleaseList, depending on their status; and

  4. Use the file naming convention defined in Clause 7.

The above rules also apply to CatologTransferConfirmations sent from the relinquishing record company to the DSP.